The whole team has a pride in their work

So impressed. It’s a real wrap-around process that starts with Jason really wanting to know what you need. He will improve your ideas with suggestions of his own and he has a terrific eye for what will work. You truly get the benefit of his experience and will undoubtedly end up with something better than you’d hoped!

Then the chaps move in and start the project. They are all hard-working, efficient, effective and very nice guys, (this is particularly important when you’re still hanging around during the day!). Also they do a grand tidying job at the day’s end. Their day can easily be 8 to 6 so you can be sure things are going to get done. Jason checks and checks again and will ask for things to be redone if he isn’t happy with the standard.

Within three weeks we had our kitchen knocked through, everything ripped out and a beautiful new kitchen fitted. Marvellous service.

Jason will also answer any queries and you can text or call him. I changed my mind quite a bit at short notice and my changes were incorporated seamlessly. Alison is also at the end of an email for any other queries.

I do think the whole team has a pride in their work and a genuine interest in (dare I say) creating a better home for you. One that is both functional and appealing.

Thank you.