Advice on how to get the best from the kitchen renovation quoting process

Advice on how to get the best from the kitchen renovation quoting process

If you have never embarked upon the process of obtaining a building quotation for a project such as an new kitchen extension, it can be both exciting and daunting. Once quotes start coming in, you can be surprised and a little disappointed if figures exceed your budget.

Here are some top tips from an article in Homebuilding and Renovating magazine, written by a quantity surveyor with over 30 years of experience, which are worth bearing in mind before getting the kitchen builders round to talk through your project with a view to getting quotes ….

Be specific and clear about what you want
Why? Vague and ambiguous is difficult to price and can lead to assumptions being made that are not in line with your actual requirements.

Be concise, only provide information about what you want the kitchen builder to quote on
Why? Whilst you may wish to have further work undertaken in the future and already have a mood board and colours picked out, but at this stage only want to build a shell and receive a price for that, be clear. Try not to over complicate matters by providing information not relevant to the quote, no matter how appealing it is to talk about.

Provide enough information if you want a one stop shop turnkey kitchen renovation quotation
Why? Without the specifics, your kitchen builder will need to make a lot of assumptions on your final finishes if you don’t have the information to hand when he comes to quote. This doesn’t always mean your home builders assumptions will be the same as yours and achieving a quotation for what you actually want could become an unnecessarily lengthy and frustrating process.

If you are engaging a designer/architect to draw up new kitchen plans, ensure you clearly communicate your budget to them and ask them to design within your means
Why? It’s all too easy to get caught up in the excitement of planning your dream kitchen space, yet costs for contemporary design features and special finishes can spiral. This may only become apparent once the quotes start rolling in. It’s really critical you keep an eye on budget whilst plans are being drawn up – there is no point spending money on the architects plans if ultimately the costs of making that plan a reality are financially beyond your reach.

Ultimately, be realistic with your new kitchen budget and design within your means
How? At Creating Better Homes we are able to provide excellent and practical design advice for many kitchen projects, including once plans have been drawn up. Previous customers can say;

  • ‘I had a one stop shop team come in and transform my home’
  • ‘The whole project was managed seamlessly from start to finish’
  • ‘I have got the space I want’
  • ‘We can live the way we want to as a family’

If you feel this approach is what you are looking for and wish to make an initial appointment, please call 01527 542079 to make arrangements.