Kitchen Carpentry

Kitchen Carpentry

Creating Better Homes provides kitchen carpentry services, typically these are finish carpentry services. These are those which involve the installation of finish woods which enable a finished appearance to areas such as kitchen cabinets, doors, skirting boards, panelling or any other areas which will play a role in forming part of a buildings finished interior.

We also regularly install beautiful new kitchens and wooden floors for customers which requires the skills of qualified carpenters.

We will also use our kitchen carpentry skills in roof work if we are building a new kitchen extension. An example of this would be if we are constructing a cut roof for example. This would involve the timbers being cut to the correct sizes and constructed on site.

A cut roof is the traditional method of cutting timber on site to build up a roof with elements comprising rafters, ridge boards, purlins and joists.

Timber sizes are determined based on the size of the roof to be constructed. In simple terms this type of roof consists of rafters and joists. The joists will prevent the outward spread of the rafters and walls, and give support to the ceiling below.

Ultimately the wider the gap between the rafters, the thicker the rafter timbers need to be.

A trussed roof is also made of wood but is typically constructed off site by a third party, then delivered and craned into position. This is what we do if a trussed roof is called for.

Current day building regulations require detailed calculation of the stresses, timber size and angles used in roof construction. Factory made trusses are becoming the standard practice as all this can be done on a computer.

As part of the Creating Better Homes team we have a number of experienced carpenters. On our various project pages you can see examples of our work and the quality of the finish.