Create More Space Without Leaving the Location You Love

Create More Space Without Leaving the Location You Love

Many homeowners find themselves craving or even needing additional space yet are reluctant to or can’t leave their current homes. Thankfully, there are many options available to you if you do require more space but prefer not to relocate. There are various reasons why singles, families or couples may need additional space in their current homes, including catering for a new arrival, creating extra space for relaxation and socialising, or to accommodate new facilities and appliances including office equipment. With more and more people now working from home, the need to create extra space is growing all the time.

Make the most of unused space

One way to create more space is to re-arrange your furniture, sell unwanted items or buy smaller furniture to replace bulkier, larger items. If you have a spare bedroom for guests, you could replace the bed with a sofa that can be transformed into or used as a bed when required, and you could swap your desk for a wall-mounted table which you can easily fold away in a moment or two. Making the most of built-in storage such as areas under the stairs is a popular solution, as is moving goods that you only use occasionally into your attic or garage.

Conversions, renovations, extensions and more

If you have already tried some of the above steps, or even all of them, but still don’t seem to have the capacity that you require to truly enjoy your home or cater for your day-to-day lifestyle, options are available. At Creating Better Homes, we can come to your assistance if you’re ready to invest in our high-quality building services including extensions, garage conversions, new kitchens and much more. We have an excellent track record when it comes to helping our clients make their domestic dreams a reality and are able to offer a comprehensive project management service to ensure the end results meet your needs perfectly, whilst remaining within your budget and time-frame.

A team you can trust

We always pay close attention to what you have to say so we can provide the ideal re-design or reconfiguration for your home and are always able to offer innovative suggestions to make your home a highly-functional and dependable place to live. All projects are treated individually, as no two clients’ needs are ever quite the same. We select the ideal materials for the job and know how to apply them professionally. We employ experienced tradesmen in order to get the job done, these include our own carpenters, bricklayers, plasterers and bathroom fitters and work with various subcontractors including a Gas Safe-registered gas and heating engineer and only NIC EIC Part P qualified electricians.

Contacting Creating Better Homes

You can contact us at any point to get a deeper insight into the home improvement work that we carry out. Many of our projects are generated via recommendations and repeat business, and we are only happy when you are truly satisfied with the conversions, extensions and renovations that we have carried out