Brick Rendering

What is Rendering?

Rendering is the process of applying cement to typically external brick or concrete walls with the purpose of achieving a uniform smooth or textured finish. There are 2 types, traditional sand and cement render and a silicone based through colour render, a well-known producer being K-Rend. The former requires painting after application and regular maintenance. The latter has, if desired, a coloured finish so is practically maintenance free when compared to traditional rendering methods.

Why Render?

Whilst rendering can improve the waterproofing and fire rating of a building, the main reason for rendering is to improve the appearance of a surface. doing it is aesthetic
As this is the primary reason for rendering you are always best to employ a professional qualified plasterer for the optimum results. Professional rendering usually more than pays for itself, too, since it will dramatically improve the appearance of a home.

How is Rendering achieved?

Render is applied in thin, smooth coats using a trowel. Top coats may be applied with a trowel, a brush, a hessian bag or a sponge, depending on the desired surface texture.

There are also more “high tech” ways to accomplish rendering. Pre-mixed rendering products have greater waterproofing properties and can be applied to surfaces standard render may not be able to adhere to. Some renders can be applied with special spray equipment. These tend to set within 24hours which can be a distinct advantage as traditional renders take up to 28 days to fully set.

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