Bromsgrove – Building Projects

Here at Creating Better Homes, we offer a diverse range of home improvement services. We’ve been in the business for many years, helping customers across Bromsgrove and the West Midlands realise their renovation dreams. Our range of services covers everything from simple renovation projects to large-scale overhauls, from building extensions and garage builds, to loft conversions and specialist interior finishes, making us one of the most well-versed builders Bromsgrove has to offer.

What We Do

Looking to expand your living space? Desperate to transform a badly utilised corner into something truly extraordinary? Creating Better Homes is on hand to help. If you’re looking for Bromsgrove builders that go the extra mile, our extensive suite of services is bound to impress. Got a firm idea in mind about how you want to reconfigure your home for the better? Our expert team will work with you to help you realise your dream. Undecided as to whether to go for a loft conversion to extend your living space, or opt for something more substantial? From the initial consultation phases up until the moment of completion, you’ll be able to benefit from our industry-leading insights, providing you with the recommendations required to ensure your project is completed to perfection. We approach each project as a truly unique endeavour, ensuring that the final result matches up to your individual requirements, whether that’s budgetary limitations or lifestyle needs. Our total service solutions make us some of the most multifaceted builders in Bromsgrove.

Unrivaled Insights and Expertise

At Creating Better Homes, our extensive experience and packed portfolio of successful projects makes us an ideal choice of builders in Bromsgrove. Over the years, we’ve developed and maintained an extensive network of trusted tradesmen, partner services and suppliers. Every single individual who works on one of our projects, be it a bricklayer or carpenter, plasterer or roofer, is hand-picked for that particular assignment, with everyone on our books tried, tested and above all else, trusted. We can also facilitate specialist projects with the support of tradesmen and contractors in specific areas, including electrics and heating engineering, meaning you don’t need to worry about bringing in additional services from other agencies. We’ll only bring in people we know and have fully assessed and approved, guaranteeing you quality workmanship from start to finish. Furthermore, we can ensure your build is a beautiful one, with guidance on the very best materials to use for a first-rate finish.

Extend Your Living Space

Feeling like you’ve outgrown your home? Save on the expense and hassle of moving to a bigger property by extending the space you already own. Even extensive refurbishing and expansion projects can be a lot cheaper than moving thanks to the hidden fees, transportation costs and expensive downtime that a relocation usually incurs. Extending your existing property also means you don’t have to leave behind the rooms and elements of your home that you love. Choose Creating Better Homes to help realise your dreams of a beautiful new bedroom with en suite bathroom, or extend your lounge to include a designer dining area to die for. Self-employed? How about a brand new home office to help broaden your business horizons. Whatever you’re looking to add to your home, our Bromsgrove building services ensure complete satisfaction. Let us take care of everything, from the selection of the right raw ingredients, through to the planning and management of your project, right up until the moment of sign off with the building inspector.

Renovations and Alterations

Sometimes with a property, more elaborate work is needed than a simple extension or addition. Perhaps you’ve bought a house at a property auction to get you on the ladder in expensive times, only to find it needs far more work than the simple makeover you had planned. Our Bromsgrove builders service is your go-to for the support you need to get your new home fit for purpose, helping you overhaul your property purchase. Our team are highly knowledgable and experienced, giving your property the due care and attention it needs. In addition to ensuring a speedy completion to get you moved into the home of your dreams faster, we’re there to tackle those hidden challenges that so often crop up during a renovation. If you’re staying put in a property that needs a serious image update, we can also provide our premium services. Renovating individual rooms like bathrooms and kitchens into inspiring spaces not only makes your home more attractive and boosts value, it transforms your home into something much more liveable, enhancing your everyday. Go even further and opt for breath-taking additions to your building. With services to provide additions like skylights and glass lanterns, we deliver far more than most Bromsgrove builders.

First Class Finishes

There’s more to a great build project than the basic framework and construction. Once your new kitchen, dream bedroom or open plan living space has been created, make sure it gets the first-rate finish it deserves. We can provide you with the additional services required to give your home the designer detail it needs, whether it’s exceptional carpentry for the installation of new doors, frames and panelling, or a hardwood floor laid throughout to ensure your home looks sensational from the ground up. Like every other category of tradesmen, the Bromsgrove carpenters we work with are some of the best in the business and have all worked with us on successful projects before.

Consultation Phase

An in-depth consultation is always essential when planning a new project, but with those larger undertakings, we put a special emphasis on the process. When we meet with you, we’ll talk through your basic requirements before assessing your existing space and how it can be best utilised for the future. Discussing your requirement deeply, we’ll nail down a strategy in order for us to deliver your vision, providing you with a quotation shortly afterwards so we can take things further. Once everything is agreed, start and completion dates for the project can be hammered out and finalised. Interested in booking a free consultation to discuss a renovation or construction project? Call: 01527 542 079 today to speak to the team, or drop us an email on